Silver Jewellery - Dubai
Silver jewellery is close to gold in popularity. The reason of this lies in the Muslim religion. The art of silver crafts is as rich as gold’s. Silver is the most ancient material used for making jewellery together with copper.

An interesting fact: silver is the metal that is the shiniest among all the others. The jewellery, in the ancient times was destined to keep the bad spirits away, to protect and heal its owner. That is why people started to use jewellery as we do so also now. In the Muslim religion, men cannot wear gold, so the male wedding rings are made out of silver instead. Also, there are many who prefer silver to gold and they wear them. The fine quality silver, on the contrary of the common beliefs that silver is cheapish, costs as much as gold in real.

Most silvers used for jewellery have a certain percent of copper content as well. Dubai has many high-acknowledged silver jewellery makers and now, we start out an expedition to see where these can be found.

Tanyaz Jewellery
The Tanyaz Jewellery makes beaded silver jewellery and silver jewellery with gemstones. The unique fact about Tanyaz is that they exclusively sell only handmade jewellery. Their collections cover necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Tanyaz Jewellery is located on the Sheikh Zayed road in the Al Kawakeb Buildings complex.

Samer Jewellery
One of the oldest and best quality jewellery brands, originating from Abu Dhabi, the Samer Jewellery works with the separation of the Silver and the Gold and Diamond stores. Samer Jewellery has five stores in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. In addition, its wholesale office is located in the best Gold Souk in Deira. The Dubai shop can be found in the Dubai Mall’s gold souk, the company has five stores in Dubai itself.

Loupe Silver Jewellery
The Loupe brand manufactures and deals with only silver jewellery. The shop of Loupe can be found at the Gold Souk in Deira, Dubai.

Tiffany Jewellery
As the highest selling jewellery brand in the world, Tiffany and Co. has more stores in Dubai, mainly in the huge shopping malls. Tiffany offers all sorts of high quality jewellery in sets, wedding sets and seasonal sets as well as loads of individual items.

Apart from these, all the big jewellery brands have their own silver collections, as said before, because of religious reasons. Damas, Taiba, Samra, Zain Jewelleries all offer various beautiful silver jewellery all around Dubai. Moreover, although Silver does not have its own souk, all silver items can be seen and purchased in the huge Gold Souk of Deira. Even a skyscraper has been dedicated to silver named Ag after its chemical sign, in the Jumeirah Lakes Towers complex.

You will have no troubles at all if you are on your way to find your new best silver jewellery in Dubai. Dubai, one of the main dealers with gold and silver jewellery puts high emphasis on silver items next to all sorts of gold jewellery.