Swarovski Jewellery Dubai
Swarovski is worldwide known for its quality crystals that in real are the finest cut crystals in the whole world. The founder of the Swarovski called Daniel Swarovski was originally from Bohemia and the name Swarovski ever since had become an internationally recognised brand with having multiple brand stores and other stores or shopping centres selling its items in most countries in the world. Of course, Dubai is not an exception from that. The Swarovski quality is especially famous over here, the Dubai rich people love to buy its items no matter for jewellery, decoration or couture, Swarovski here is everywhere.

The founder of the Swarovski brand, Daniel Swarovski developed a new technique for refining and cut crystals with the highest speed and precision ever possible. This was the first ever factory also which made coloured crystals with special chemical techniques. The swan logo of Swarovski exists since the end of the Eighties. Swarovski crystals are well known to their extreme shine that makes them easily mixed up with diamonds. Today, many big designers use Swarovski crystals for decorating their designs and accessories. Chanel glasses and sunglasses contain Swarovski crystals for a long time. For their uniqueness in a market that did not exist before, Swarovski brand gained attention and success very quickly. Today, its centre is in Austria and even has a Theme Park over there, which many people visit yearly.

Today, Swarovski manufactures hundreds of types of products, from the little gemstones, all sorts of decoration figures to accessories, jewellery, such as pendants, earrings, necklaces, tiaras, earrings and so and the Swarovski chandeliers are also worldwide purchased by those, who have the budget to buy them. Of course, Swarovski crystals are not cheap at all. The wedding collections of Swarovski are very popular to buy also in Dubai. The biggest Swarovski store in the Dubai mall looks like a huge jewellery itself. It is simply breathtaking this store with all the shine of the decorating crystals will surely make you feel as you were in a fairy tale.

When buying any product from Swarovski, your product must be packaged neatly in a Swarovski brand box and with all the items there is a two-year warranty. If you did not get these in any of the Swarovski stores, just let Swarovski know, as they follow very strict standards on how to deal with customers any- and everywhere. As for jewellery sets, you can get here the so-called Diamante Necklace sets, Crystal earrings, costume decorating jewellery and even prom and wedding jewellery.

Among the unique designs, we can find the Swarovski decorations, which can be anything made out of its beautiful shiny crystals, often coloured when it comes to any sort of figures. In Dubai, one of the most popular item of Swarovski are the Bicone crystal beads for those who would like to pray or use them for praying.

Many of you might not know but Swarovski also manufactures high quality optical products too, such as binoculars and telescopes. Since the Sedar Emirates is cooperating with Swarovski in the Middle East, the success of Swarovski is even higher in Dubai. The demand here is extremely high for its highest quality crystals.

In Dubai, you can find Swarovski stores in Dubai Mall, Dubai Festival Centre, in the Ibn Battuta Mall, the Wafi Mall and the Al Ghurair City. If you are lucky, you will get there by the time of a great discount period over there.