Tag Heuer - Dubai
Tag Heuer watches are one of the most sought after watches in the world. These watches are well known for their appearance, precision, and quality. This watch company was founded in 1860 by Edouard Heuer at St-Imer in Switzerland and he was known as a man much before his time because of his innovative ideas. Tag Heuer watches were the first watches to go into space. John Glen who went into space aboard the Mercury Atlas 6 was wearing a Heuer stopwatch during his space trip. This historical watch is on display at the San Diego Air and Space Museum. Tag Heuer watches are sold in all the countries around the world including Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

Edouard Heuer became the person to patent the chronograph. The ‘oscillating pinion’ that he invented is still used by a number of watch manufacturers today. In 1911, he patented a clock to be used in the dashboard of automobiles and aircraft and was called ‘Time of the Trip’. His dashboard clocks were a great novelty in those days and it caught everyone’s fancy. He then introduced the first wrist chronograph in 1914 and in 1916 he introduced the ‘Micrograph’ which was the first stopwatch that was accurate to 1/100 of a second. This was followed by the ‘Semikrograph’, a stopwatch that was accurate till 1/50 of a second. He came out with ’Autavia’ which was a dashboard timer for automobiles and airplanes that had a timer that could run for eight days without being wound. He also produced watches for pilots in the German Air Force which were called ‘Flieger’.

Tag Heuer has diversified into a number of products. It manufactures and sells watches, mobile phones, and eyewear. One should definitely take a look at the wonderful collection of watches that Tag Heuer has brought out for you.
* Carrera: This magnificent watch was created in 1964 as a tribute to the epic Carrera Panamericana Mexico Race.
* Grand Carrera: This is the world’s first 1/100th second mechanical stopwatch invented in 1916. The Grand Carrera is the perfect watch for measuring time.
* Monaco: This was the first automatic chronograph to be housed in a square waterproof case. Monaco V.4 is the world’s first timepiece to have a belt-driven transmission.
* Link: This is a watch with excellent precision. The Link Calibre S has 1/100th second movement.
* Aquaracer: The Aquaracer 500M is watch that has 8 scuba diving watch features and is very popular with the diving fraternity.
* Formula I: This watch is fit for the champions – the car racing champions. There is only one word for this watch – excellent.
* SLR: The SLR Laptimer Chronograph and the Calibre 17 Automatic is a highly advanced watch that has been specifically made to time auto races.
* Professional Sports Watch: This Golf watch is very light and strong. And it is used by many professional sports persons.

Sport a Tag Heuer watch and step out in style. Tag Heuer watches are available in Dubai at the Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, the Wafi Mall, and the Deira Towers.