Taiba Bracelets & Jewellery - Dubai
Taiba Jewellers are one of the biggest names in the Dubai gold market. They have been into the business of gold since 1989 and have become a brand in gold jewellery. Natives of Dubai and people who know Taiba prefer their gold pieces because of their quality and authenticity. Taiba offer many jewellery pieces in their gold range starting from rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, earrings, bangles and chains. The company also offers range of gold jewellery for women who wear Hijab. Along with many physical stores in different parts of Dubai, the company also has its presence on the internet. People from all over the world can view the catalog of Taiba on their official website and place orders. Taiba is a famous jeweller in whole Middle East because the company offers two varieties of gold in their every jewel form. The two forms of gold variety were introduced so people with limited budget can afford them.

The most famous range of gold jewellery in Dubai is the Taiba bracelets. Like other jewellery pieces, these are divided into two categories, the 18k gold bracelets and the 21k gold bracelets.

• The 21k gold bracelets are often expensive because they have been manufactured by 87.5% pure gold. Taiba bracelets of 21 K gold are furthers divided into different categories based on their design and style. These bracelets can be worn by kids, men and women of every age. Natives of Dubai prefer to buy 21k gold Taiba bracelets because they not just add style to one’s personality, but also give the guarantee of fine quality. People who live out of Dubai can buy Taiba bracelets from its official website. However, local customers cannot avail the facility of online buying because the company does not deliver their products within the city. The payment mode and delivery method opted by Taiba is secured and offer safer delivery through FedEx.

• Just like the 21k gold Taiba bracelets, the 18k bracelets are also quite famous. Though these bracelets are manufactured from 70% gold, but there design and quality is the same as the 21k gold bracelets. This range of Taiba bracelets were introduced in the Dubai market, so people with strict budget can afford them. The designs of these Taiba bracelets is a bit elegant and sophisticate pure gold one’s,because they can be easily molded and shaped due to the presence of the alloys. Moreover, the designs are also kept delicate so international customers can wear them easily. In western market the concept of heavy gold jewellery is rare and therefore, people prefer the 18k Taiba gold bracelets. Though, the trend of such jewellery is also starting in city like Dubai, but still due to strong cultural influence people like to buy pure gold jewellery rather than mixed forms. However, wearing the 18k gold Taiba bracelets will provide the same sense as the real gold bracelets.