Taiba Earrings & Jewellery - Dubai
Taiba Jewellery was established in 1989 and within the span of the years the company has became the leading manufacturer and supplier of gold jewellery around the world. The name of Taiba jewellers is now commonly taken among the world famous gold companies. Initially, this company started its operation in the Middle-East, but with time they grew their market and became one of the most popular gold jewellery supplier. The reason of their international success is their commitment towards continues growth and development. The designs and styles offered by the Taiba jewelers go beyond the Dubai and Middle East market. Apart, from having physical presence in Dubai, the company also have online website through which international customers can view and buy gold jewellery. The famous varieties of gold products offered by the company are rings, earrings, pendants, bangles, necklace and full sets. The company has categorized all their gold items into two types, the 18k gold and 21k gold. The 18k gold jewellery have about 70% gold in them, whereas the 21k gold items are manufactured from 89% of gold.

Among other varieties of Taiba jewellery, the most famous one are their earrings. Taiba earrings are not just famous in Dubai, but are also bought and liked in the international market. Like other gold jewellery, Taiba earrings are also divided into 18k and 21k gold categories. Moreover, they are also categorized on base of their designs like Carina and Fancy Rose style.

Carina style earrings: This range is the most popular in the city of Dubai. These Taiba earrings are mostly manufactured with 18k gold and offer unique designs that are inspired by Carina Jewellers. International customers prefer to buy this variety because they are elegant and made with precious metal. Women can wear them easily on every event whether casual or formal. Carina earrings are not just affordable, but also unique in their style. These earrings are often studded with semi precious stones, which enhance their elegance.

Fancy Rose Style: This range is mostly offered in set pieces along with necklace and rings. Their designs are inspired by roses. Natives of Dubai prefer to have this range of Taiba earnings in their collection because they are unique and finest in quality. This variety of earrings is also manufactured in 18k gold, as it offers more flexibility in design.

Apart, from set rings, Taiba jewellers also offer simple drop gold earrings for their customers. These earrings are preferred by women in Dubai because they are unique and can be worn with every dress and occasion. Most of the Taiba earrings have Arabic patterns in their designs, which make them different. Moreover, some varieties of Taiba earrings also have geometric designs that have been incorporated according to the demand of the international customers.