Taiba Necklaces & Jewellery - Dubai
Taiba Jewellery was established in 1989’s in the Middle-East. The company became the first leading manufacturer and supplier of gold jewellery in Middle East especially in Dubai. Today, Taiba jewellers are considered a luxurious and trusted brand name. Their jewellery pieces are elegantly worn on every occasion and events held in Dubai. Apart, from having real outlets in Dubai, the company also operates its business online through their official website. Women of Dubai and other parts of the world can visit their website and choose their favorite jewellery pieces by seeing the catalogue and can pay via bank transfer.

There are many types of jewellery pieces that are manufactured and sold by the company. Some of the famous pieces offered are rings, earrings, bangles, pendants, bracelets, chains and necklaces.

In Dubai, people prefer to buy Taiba necklaces because they guarantee pure gold and their designs are unique. Moreover, Taiba necklaces are available in different range and weight, which makes them affordable for every type of people. Taiba necklaces are further categorized into different variety based on their design, gold weight and stones used.

• 21k Taiba necklaces: These collection is made of 21k gold and are paired with matching earrings, bracelet and ring. The 21k Taiba necklaces can be worn on every occasion, whether it’s a wedding or formal event. These necklaces are available in unique designs with studded precious or semi precious stones. Some of these sets are designed for women who wear hijab.

• 18k Taiba necklaces: The 18k gold range is also offered with or without sets. These necklaces are quite affordable because of the weight of gold used in them, but because of their unique design they are widely purchased by the women of Dubai. Among the 18k variety of Taiba necklaces women can choose their favorite style and designs that are categorized based on the stone type, design and shapes. The famous category of Taiba necklaces are,

• Beaded necklaces: Beaded necklaces are categorized into fully beaded, partly beaded and modern beaded necklaces. The beads used in these necklaces are mostly real pearls, which have great value among the Dubai and international customers.

• Bridal necklace: Bridal jewellery is one of the most important part of Asian culture and therefore, every jeweller in Dubai try to manufacture the best bridal jewellery set. Taiba also offer some of the most stylish and unique bridal necklaces that are paired with earrings, tikka, and jhommar. Based on the requirement of the customer the items with bridal necklaces can be reduced or increased, but they are usually offered in complete set form.