Taiba Rings & Jewellery - Dubai
Taiba Jeweller is among the largest international manufacturer and supplier of gold jewellery, based in the Middle East. The company was launched in 1989 and within the span of a few years it has become the leading jewellery brand in Dubai and other parts of the world. Apart, from their stores at various locations, the company also operates its business online and offer many unique gold designs. People from all over the world can buy different gold jewellery pieces through visiting their online website. Taiba jewellers offer many gold jewellery pieces to its customers, some of the famous variety offered in gold are rings, earrings, bangles, pendants, full jewellery sets and chains.

People from all over the world prefer to buy gold jewellery pieces from Taiba because they offer pure gold that have been testified by the International gold committee. Among different variety of gold jewellery the most famous one are the Taiba rings. Their collection or rings are categorized based on events like wedding and engagement rings. Moreover, Taiba also offer wide collection of simple rings that can be selected and bought from the official Taiba website or from any Taiba store in Dubai.

Among Taiba rings the wedding collection is the most famous in the Middle-Eastern cities like Dubai. The wedding ring collection is categorised:
• 21k wedding bands: This collection of Taiba rings have simple designs and are perfect when exchanging wedding vows. These rings are more practical and can be worn casually. Though, they are not as simple as gold wedding bands, they have some carving in them, which portray the Middle East culture. Many women in Dubai like to have Taiba wedding rings in their hand on their big day because they impart unique style and elegance to their personality.
• 21k Twin Style: This collection is designed with 21k gold and have double rings that can be worn together. These are popular in the western countries, where women prefer non carved, simple and yet elegant rings in their hand.

• 18k wedding rings: Taiba jewellers consider the class difference and therefore, offer range of Taiba rings that are affordable yet elegant. One such range is the 18k wedding rings that are manufactured with 18k gold. This range of wedding rings is much simpler and has less carving in them. The same 18k wedding rings are further divided into band and twin collection.

Engagement rings collection is another variety that is mostly bought for special event. Women in Dubai consider Taiba engagement rings as sign of status and proudly wear them in their ring finger. This range is further divided in two categories: one stone rings and side stone rings.

In a city like Dubai, where there are many gold suppliers, Taiba jewellers have maintained their identity and uniqueness by offering genuine gold collections.