Taiba Stores in Dubai
Taiba stores in Dubai are one of the famous jewelleries in the UAE. They do offer all kind of gold jewellery including bangles, heavy sets, engagement rings, earrings, bracelets and kids jewellery. Gold jewellery is a weakness of women al over the Middle East. Taiba provides jewellery in 18k and 21k, a customer can but jewellery of their own choice and desired purity level.

Taiba has categorized its gold products like rings, wedding rings, engagement rings, earrings, bangles, pendants, Islamic pendants, bracelets, necklaces, full sets, chains, and more.

Taiba offers high quality gold jewellery on affordable prices. There are so many other gold jewellery stores in Dubai but Taiba has earned its name in short period of time due to its unique designs and reliable service,

Taiba online store offer gold jewellery purchase through the internet. They have put jewellery designs on their website along with weigh and other details, so if a person out of Dubai want to buy from their collection, it ie very easy. It takes 10 to 12 days for delivery the order worldwide, or a person can pick up at their Dubai store after few days. For placing an online order, an account has to made on Taiba store website.

Taiba store also provide the delivery with Fed-ex and if customer doesn’t find the product according to his choice he can return it. This feature attracts customers and they feel valued.

People in Dubai like heavy gold jewellery with stones in it, thats why Taiba stores are their first choices. Taiba offers wide a variety of gold jewellery especially in wedding and engagement rings. They offer choices to buy white gold jewellery or yellow gold jewellery.

While shopping online at Taiba store, customer has to pay through bank transfer, they have stopped credit card transactions due to high number of frauds happened in past.

Prices of gold jewellery are determined by daily price change in international market. If a person place an order on specific date rate of that day will be used even if he get delivery after few days.

Vouchers and discounts: In order to compete in Dubai where so many gold jewellery stores are located, Taiba offers special discounts for their customers. They mention these discounts on jewellery specifications so a customer can see it while making decision. Moreover he can request Taiba stores for discount, if a person is a member of the store he can get these discounts on regular basis. Moreover on special occasions Taiba stores offer vouchers for their valuable customers.