Taiba Jewellery - Dubai
If you are in Dubai, anyone would be surprised if you tell that you have not heard of Taiba Jewellery. Taiba is a fine gold manufacturer and supplier of international standards and is ranked among the top five gold manufacturers. Since its inception, Taiba has always been committed to its policy of growth and development while maintaining exceptional quality and workmanship. Taiba’s products are so famous for their quality, workmanship, and design that regular customers from all over the world are eager to possess it. And, you will be surprised to find that Taiba Jewellery is available at affordable prices. Moreover, the excellent collection of jewelry that you will find at Taiba’s is seen to be believed.

When you are in Dubai, you will discover that Taiba is one of foremost jewelry houses of Dubai. Taiba has several jewelry stores not only in Dubai but all over the Gulf. Some of the prominent places where Taiba has its presence is Jeddah, Madina, Dammam, Damascus, Riyadh, Cairo, Beirut, and Dubai. But, if you would like to discover the beauty of Taiba Jewellery, do make it a point to visit the Dubai Gold Souk. Taiba Jewellery is one of the few companies that has been awarded several international quality awards.

Taiba Jewellery which was established in the year of 1989 is an international luxury fine gold manufacturer and supplier. Since its establishment many years ago, Taiba Jewellery is committed to a policy of quality, continuous growth, and development. Should you desire to do your shopping from the comfort of your home or office, simply log on to their e-commerce website and look at their exhaustive catalogue which shows all that they have to offer. The incredible range of Dubai jewelry that Taiba offers is extremely attractive.

• Rings: Look at the wide assortment of rings that it has to offer – in all types of gold and diamonds. You will find rings in 18 and 21 k gold, 18k Najmat Taiba, and in colorful styles in CZs.
• You will find an astonishing range of wedding bands and wedding rings in 18 and 21k.
• The wide collection of 18k earrings will floor you.
• Browse through its bangle collection which offers narrow, wide, and baby bangles in 18 and 21k.
• You will simply love the pendants on offer for you.
• You can see an adorable range of bracelets in 18 and 21k gold.
• You will fall in love with the 18k necklaces with pendants.
• Taiba offers an incredible range of Islamic pendants.
• You will swoon at the sight of the lovely full sets.
• The Bangle & Ring set in 18k gold is something that you just cannot ignore.
• The Carina Style collection and the FancyRose Style collection will take your breath away.

Taiba Jewellery which manufactures some of the best jewelry in Dubai offers a wide range of extremely high quality 18k and 21k yellow and white gold jewellery. The stones used to encrust the gold jewelry are high quality CZs of many beautiful colors and shapes.

If you would like to purchase jewelry that has quality, beauty, sophistication, and excellent workmanship do not give a second thought. Step into Taiba Jewellery where you will find jewelry, that you will cherish and desire.