Tiffany Dubai
Tiffany is without doubt the most famous US jewellery brand ever existed in history. Today, the total income of Tiffany outnumbers the income of all the other jewellery stores in the world. Of course, we cannot say that there are no similarly famous and valued other names in the business, as there are, but most people buy at Tiffany’s and there is a good reason for them to do that: The brand and the guaranteed quality. So, no question Dubai wanted Tiffany to be present in its city and so Tiffany did so, as not another nation is more famous for its unfinished demand for top quality jewellery than Dubai is.

Therefore, Tiffany opened its next store in Dubai a couple of years ago and this year it has also came to the decision to make its Middle Eastern headquarters in Dubai. This headquarters is responsible to check on and take care of the business activity not only in the Middle East, but also in Turkey, Central and Eastern Europe, Africa and ultimately in India. This means a great advantage for Tiffany as an international top jewellery brand above its competitors if there are any. This last headquarters is the fourth in the world as the previous three headquarters are responsible for the business in Latin America, in Europe and then in Australia and the rest of Asia. Today, Dubai has by far the highest number of jewellery brands and jewellery stores in the world as per city and sheikhdom. Nowhere else in the world is the selling of jewellery is such a big business than in Dubai. And all the US and North American including European expats are more than keen to buy their jewellery at Tiffany.

Tiffany is one of the oldest big businesses in the United States, based in Manhattan, New York; it has started at exactly the same place, where its main headquarters is located. Tiffany founded back in 1837 by Charles Lewis Tiffany and Teddy Yound, started its operation as a stationery and fancy goods store. Today, Tiffany is in the league of the biggest North American business empires, having its own foundation and charities, organizing and funding several huge events yearly by having its own award, the yearly Vince Lombardini Trophy given to the winner group of Super Bowl within the NFL team.

Tiffany is also world famous for its beautiful diamonds, all fruits of hard working, cutting, measuring and manufacturing. The huge 128.54 carats (25.71 g) Fancy Yellow Tiffany Diamond is exhibited in the very first and most important store of theirs in Manhattan, but also brought around the world sometimes as a kind of award for new job openings, to be displayed there for a short time. Tiffany started to open its international stores from 1990 with the first opening of its flagship store in Vancouver, Canada, then, in Ireland, Australia and Spain. The first Brazilian Tiffany and Co opened in 2001.

In Dubai, you can find the stores of Tiffany in the Dubai Mall, in the Mall of the Emirates and in the BurJuman Shopping Centre and more is to come as Tiffany plans to double the number of its shops everywhere in the world. Dubai is indeed a very fruitful place for establishing even more stores for them. The other great thing about Dubai is that, here you can negotiate in the local Tiffany stores and many people are extremely content with getting their jewellery sometimes hundreds, even a thousand Dollars cheaper in Dubai then anywhere else in the world.

So, when you are in Dubai, wanting a great art piece of jewellery from the Tiffany be brave and negotiate about the price. You will see that the business culture in Dubai is different from anywhere else in the world and you are about to make a great deal and can become even a returning shopper of Tiffany.