Titanium Jewellery Dubai
Titanium represents a brand new trend in jewellery making. While when hearing about it first it may seem unattractive for many, the top jewellery makers have already come out with their brand new titanium collections and this precious metal is gaining an important role in the manufacturing of first class watches. Let us see what makes titanium jewellery so unique and where we can shop them in Dubai.

If you look around among the latest jewellery trends, you will spot some new metals that are considered newcomers, such as the titanium and the stainless steel jewellery. The price of titanium jewellery, apart from what you may think, is even more than the one of 22 K gold sometimes. This means that we should not degrade titanium but count it from now on as the newest metal for the making of quality jewellery. So, what makes Titanium Jewellery so outstanding?

First, many people still do not know what made Titanium jewellery or watches world famous. It is mainly because of their beneficial effects on our body. This means that titanium is said to boost blood flow and being magnetic, the steel is used in alternative medicine therapy as well. This means that it has slight pain reducing effects and by being magnetic, it helps to raise not only the blood flow but also the raises the oxygen level of the blood. The Titanium also has inflammation reducing effects and helps lactic acid level to get diminished as well. These are the characteristics, which made Titanium jewellery so popular among many people especially those who do sports. Titanium is also great to achieve a better healing percentage of injuries. Therefore, according to professionals, Titanium has great role in the achieving of the best level within the central nervous system too. A growing number of athletes wear titanium jewellery and swear to have gained much with their help. Tennis bracelets are also made with titanium.

Titanium jewellery is therefore carrying the promise of a huge business. Apart from its healing effects, Titanium has been long used in the manufacturing of high quality equipments such as cellular phones. This metal is increasingly strong and quite light that makes it perfect for wearing. The metal has a distinguished outlook and it’s totally and naturally rust free which makes them perfect not only for titanium jewellery but also for titanium watches, something you don’t have to take off anymore, before entering in or under the water. The top jewellery makers who follow the latest trends have already come out with their titanium collections, starting with rings, wedding rings and wedding bands. In Dubai, you can take a look of Cartier’s collections freely. Other well-known Dubai jewellery that has come out with its first collection of titanium rings is the Taiba Jewellery, one of the most prestigious gold jewellery makers of the “City of gold”. The Indian/Pakistani Popley Jewellers also have a great collection of Titanium jewellery.

Find beautiful titanium jewellery by Zoppini in the Dubai Mall in Dubai. The Italian pioneering jewellery brand has opened its first store in 2008 and others followed up in other well-known Dubai shopping malls, such as the Al Ghurair and the Ibn Battuta Malls.