Jewellery Shops at Wafi City Centre
Wafi City is a unique place. With its Wafi City Centre, it is one of the best ever shopping places of Dubai. The Wafi City is not far from the downtown area of Dubai and if you plan to seek for jewellery, then it is definitely the place to go.

Wafi City, unlike its name is not a real city, but a huge shopping centre. However, it is not only a huge shopping centre, but also something more, worldwide unique that makes it worth visiting. That is, Wafi city is shaped to the form of the ancient Egypt in every way: in the shape and size of the buildings, of course somewhere modernized but the whole Wafi city is just like a place straight from the ancient times. In the middle of Wafi City, we can see a huge pyramid, which is made out of glass and metal it is a masterpiece of modern architecture. This great modern pyramid gives home for the huge Wafi City Centre. The Wadi City Centre gives place for hundreds of great luxurious shops some of the best in Dubai. The Wafi City Centre has mainly fashion stores of all sorts of fashion; it is full of jewellery shops and watch shops.

Dubai Jewellery is simply great and has very long traditions. The Arabic art shapes gold so beautifully, creating alone standing beautiful jewellery. Arabic people do like jewellery, of course especially the women. Not a wonder that, all the big houses of jewellery manufacturing can live beautifully. Dubai is a long-time gold manufacturer in gold, and now trying to wake this long-time tradition. With the making of several museums, one beautiful Jewellery Museum as well, hiding some of the most beautiful gems and treasures in the world.

Many people do not know that Dubai has earned fame for itself; thanks to the accidental finding of pearls in that part of the Persian Gulf, that borders Dubai. Not long after, Dubai has started merchandising with their pearls and additional goods and soon earned a name for itself as the Nr. 1 merchandiser in the region. This was very long way before Dubai had found out about its own great resources of oil and became one of the richest sheikhdoms in the world.

That is why the history of Dubai jewellery is long, not to mention the Indian connection. Dubai has many roots with India. Indians have been living and working in Dubai for a long time. Today, there are several prominent houses of jewellery coming from India. India is providing also great quality gold and for this reason a very long history in jewellery making.

The best-known jewellery shops in Dubai out of the international shops are the Chanel Fine Jewellery, Chopard; out of watches, the Jaeger LeCoultre, the Omega, Mont Blanc and Swatch. The houses of the best-known Dubai Jewellery are also representing themselves here, such as the Damas Jewellery, Ahmed Seddiqi and Sons and Mahallati. The Wafi City Centre has thirty-six of luxury jewellery and watch shops.

Moreover, after you get tired of buying fine Dubai jewellery, you can sit back and relax in the Wafi City Centre, have a great walk in the Wafi City. The Wafi City Centre is certainly one of the most visited shopping malls of Dubai.