Luxury Watches Dubai
We all know that a watch can represent many things at the same time. As it is used for telling the exact time, nowadays its other role is to make a statement. For both men and women, it is highly important what type of watches would they want to use. Watches have become accessories; the expensive watches have become luxury jewellery over the decades.

In Europe, it has always been Switzerland, which was the most famous for its punctual watches. Today too, the best watches come from Switzerland. The Swiss watches, such as Piaget, Vacheron, Tissot, and Jaeger Le-Coultre manufacture the world’s best and most expensive luxury watches, both for men and for women.

Apart from Switzerland, Monaco has gained fame with its TAG Heuer brand, and the United States came across the Atlantic with own luxury brands, the Omega, the Timex and the Rolex. Today, even the Nr.1 top fashion designer houses come out with their jewellery and luxury watches collections for both men and for women. You must see the beautiful designs of Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Fendi, Hermés... In Dubai, the demand is the highest on the most expensive things. The textiles, the houses, the cars the watches, these are all exclamations of richness.

Let us now enlist where we can find the best international luxury watches shops in Dubai:
At the Damas Les Exclusive shops, you can choose out of the choice of more than 15 different international brands. The Exclusives is the luxury shop range of the famous Damas Jewellery. There are very exclusive, beautifully designed brands over here, such as Pereller, Vacheron, Parmigiani and Varotti. Choose out of the very best European designs in the shops of Damas Jewellery. The Damas Semi-Exclusives sell such brands as Dolce & Gabbana. You can find the shops of Damas in every big shopping centre.

In the Dubai Mall, you can find the biggest ever choice of luxury Dubai watches. All the big names are here for you to choose from with more than thirty luxury watches shops for you to go through. The Longines, the Piaget, the Cartier, the Jaeger Le-Coultre, the TAG Heuer, the Rolex, the Omega brand shops the choices of which are all simply breathtaking.

In the Mall of the Emirates, there is a great collection of the best jewellery stores and watches shops. Here you can find some of the best luxury watches stores: the Breitling, the Bvlgari, Boucheron, Hour Choice, Omega, Patek Philippe are all here waiting for you to explore them. In the Watch Gallery and at Tiffany, you can find several other great brands of luxury watches.

Saks Fifth Avenue
This American shopping centre has a fantastic variety to offer both in jewellery and in luxury watches. It is surely a must-visit place, read more about Saks.

After you went through all these great stores and shopping centres, it would be a wonder if you would not end up with at least two watches and some sort of other different fine jewellery. In Dubai, the choices are unlimited and luxury is highly welcomed on every level. Therefore, if you are up to find quality goods, Dubai is the place to be.