Dubai Wedding Jewellery
Wedding jewellery is a little bit of a separate branch of the jewellery industry, especially in the Muslim countries, where wedding still play a key-role in the lives of the people. The Wedding jewellery is fine jewellery made out of either silver, gold, white gold or platinum, especially beautifully crafted with many gems in order to preserve the beautiful moments of marriage for the future generations.

In Dubai, surprisingly the Indian Joyalukkas Jewellery first made its separate corner of bridal or wedding jewellery. However, every single jewellery shops have their own collections especially dedicated for marriage. For sure, this mostly means women’s jewellery, in addition with the wedding rings, which in the Arabic countries can be either similar looking, but it means no problem either if they look different.

The wedding jewellery has very long traditions in the Arabic countries. Traditionally only a wife who is decorated with great, big and shining jewellery can be a happy wife. The Bedouin jewellery designs are also getting very popular globally. Today, emphasis is not only on the size of the wedding jewellery but mostly on its quality and beauty. In the Muslim countries, parents still do keep their marriage jewellery as well, to preserve them for their daughters or daughter–in-laws. The wedding jewellery is a collection or different jewellery, a so-called set. There sets contain earrings, with the passing necklace. The bigger collections also include bracelets. For the wedding jewellery, especially beautiful gems and gold is used, here diamond is very popular, so if a wealthy family organises a wedding, they choose the diamond bridal sets.

Next to Joyalukkas, it is advisable to look around in the Damas Exclusive stores, at Samra Jewellery, Taiba Jewellery, which is very proud of their ring featured in the Guinness Book of World Records with the biggest and heaviest golden ring in the world. If you go to take a stroll on the streets of the Gold Souk located in Deira, you will find that the choice is so hard, seeing the dozens of jewellery stores.

If by any chance you put your vote on getting a wedding jewellery set made by any of the international brands, you have a wide choice in this too, with all the huge shopping malls featuring lots of international jewellery shops and watches shops. Out of these, it is the world’s largest mall, where it is the best either to begin or to finish with. The Dubai Mall had its own fantastic gold souk, together with dozens of international jewellery stores, so there are no ways you would not find the appropriate and most beautiful wedding jewellery in Dubai downtown.

Most Dubai jewellery shops have excellent websites, offering online shopping or ordering possibilities of wedding jewellery as well, which is great in many ways. First, you can see the sets exactly, together with their prices, so you can quickly make a decision on which one to like the most. You can be sure that if you will not find the best wedding jewellery in Dubai, then you will not find it nowhere else either.