White Gold Jewellery Dubai
Jewellery is one of the most popular things ever to shop. For this reason, Dubai is full of jewellery stores of all kinds, sizes and specialization. White gold has been a favoured metal used for jewellery in Dubai, as for its colour and type being different from the "yellow" gold, making it suitable to wear even by men, who by Muslim laws are not allowed to wear gold at all. You can find the best sorts of white gold all over Dubai.

Dubai has a traditional approach for jewellery. Still many places exist where you can buy, even see manufacturers making all sorts of jewellery. The most popular place by both tourists and locals to go to see white gold and all other sorts of jewellery is called the Dubai Gold Souk. This is a wonderful place. Nowhere else can you see so many jewellery in one, so many jewellery stores next to each other. The shining of all the jewels in the shop windows is breathtaking. In order to avoid misunderstanding, the Gold Souk is not a bunch of cheap bazaars aimed for tourists to spend their money out, it‘s the Dubai hub of gold and jewellery in real. Here, you can see all the jewellery shops of the highest brands in Dubai, like the Damas Jewellery, the Taiba Jewellery, Al Futtaim, Al Zain jewelleries and the Indian Joyalukkas Jewellery.

We do not know exactly when the Gold Souk was founded, but for sure, Arabic and Bedouin locals who have been living here for a long time, had hundreds of year long jewellery making and trading behind them. Arabic jewelleries have always been popular with the Westerners. Most of the so popular designs of Arabic jewellery come from the ancient Bedouin culture and traditions. Partly because of their quality and great, unique designs making them all look like a sole statement, the other part of the popularity comes from their good price.

Here in Dubai, you can get hold of Dubai jewellery, made out of gold, silver, white gold or even pink gold, cost sometimes a lot less than anywhere else can in the world. Dubai uses its quality to attract even more tourists, and to position itself on the global market of jewellery trading as the Nr. 1 contender. With the building of the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park, Dubai expresses its ultimate will to become the first leader and a kind of global hub for jewellery. Dubai has long been among the main traders of gold in the Middle Eastern Zone. Dubai jewellery is mostly made out of the ordinary 18K or 22K Gold, but due to fashion and religious reasons partly, white gold is becoming hipper these years. Dubai puts also high emphasis on the gemstones, let them be diamonds or other coloured gemstones.

Therefore, you can freely get the best gold, white gold and silver jewelleries in Dubai. Beware that white gold and ordinary gold costs more in the expensive shopping malls, otherwise the choice is a lot bigger even it is harder within the Dubai Gold Souk.