Dubai Women's Jewellery
The choice in Dubai to buy women’s jewellery is virtually limitless. Dubai has the greatest number of jewellery shops anywhere in the world, and you can guess: they all sell mostly women’s jewellery. Jewellery has always been somewhat of a privilege for women for a long time. Although in some African cultures, the men wear them more jewellery. Today, the jewellery industry is mainly built according to the taste and expectations of women.

In Dubai, you can find so many types of women’s jewellery: local and international, tribal and modern, gold or silver. The biggest place in Dubai you can find the most jewellery in one is definitely the old Gold Souk, the base of the Gold merchants, where you can find one of every big Dubai brands. Dubai jewellery is an ever-blossoming industry and a great pulling force for all those tourists who are fond of fine jewellery.

Let us see now, what are the main choices to buy women’s jewellery in Dubai: the women’s jewellery, same as the fashion industry is made into more segments ranging from those brands and collections which are designed for younger women and those for mature or elderly women. The choice is close to limitless.

Diamond women’s jewellery:
If you want diamond jewellery, then you are in the right place in Dubai. Samra and Damas Jewelleries are the biggest diamond experts in Dubai, but of course, that does not mean that you would not be able to find diamond anywhere else. Samra has a clean style in its jewelleries, designed to enhance the beauty of diamonds, while most collections of Damas has more powerful designs mixed with beautiful colours.

Pearl women’s jewellery:
The biggest pearl collections you can find at Damas Jewellery and Joyalukkas Jewellery. You can also check out the collections of Al Zain and Farah of course. The pearls used by Joyalukkas are from Japan, while Damas uses precious South Sea Pearls. Damas sells more than twenty local and international brands, so it is really worth visiting one of their shops. You can find the most expensive and beautiful collections in Les Exclusives stores of Damas in Dubai downtown.

Golden women’s jewellery:
In Dubai, you can find fine gold jewellery almost everywhere. The gold is the favourite ever metal for jewelleries. Check out the collections of Taiba, Damas and Al Zain. Samra uses more white gold.

Silver women’s jewellery
Check out the collections of Tanyaz and Loupe. You can check out the Gold Souk for the tribal silver designs.

Wedding women’s jewellery
Samra has the most beautiful wedding collections in Dubai, while Joyalukkas have the most colourful wedding sets. Visit both of these stores to see how many beautiful wedding sets they can offer you.

Women’s jewellery made out of precious coloured gemstones: The Joyalukkas and the Farah Jewelleries are the experts in jewelleries made out of precious coloured gemstones, while Damas has the widest and most colourful offer as well. In Dubai, you can see the most beautiful designs of women’s jewellery. Check out all these three shops.

International women’s jewellery
Check out the great collections offered by Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s, Tiffany and Co, and all the big international brands. You can find them in Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates of anywhere on the Sheikh Zayed Road.

We hope we could help you a little big with finding yourself the most suitable women’s jewellery. Dubai has the widest, greatest offer of all sorts of women’s jewellery so, if you are here, use your time for a bit of exploration, it is for sure, you will not leave without some newly bought jewellery.