Dubai Jewellery - Bracelets
Dubai is world famous for its best quality jewellery for a long time having become famous first for their high quality pearls. For this reason, Dubai is also called the Pearl of the Persian Gulf, then it became world famous for its high profile dealings and manufacturing gold in hundreds of local jewellery stores. You can be sure that in Dubai you will find the jewellery with bracelets you are looking for.

Either bracelets come in bigger jewellery sets or they are made separately. Go to see the traditional bridal bracelets, which are generally bigger and more decorated than the usually thinner ones that come in sets. Having a big bracelet is also useful because the generally higher risk of losing it diminishes this way.

Bracelets have long time been viewed as one sign of beauty for women. At weddings, many a times, parents gift bracelets to their daughters or a daughter-in-laws. The Arabic artisans do bracelets beautifully. If you are lucky enough, you can look into some of the traditional shops where Arabic artisans make these jewelleries. The best places to find jewellery in Dubai is the Gold Souk located in Deira and the other is the Gold Souk of the Dubai Mall. Of course, there are dozens of shopping malls and shopping streets as well where you can see the finest selections of jewellery in the downtown of Dubai. Let us see which Dubai jewellery brands are specialized in which sort of bracelets:

Diamond bracelets
The finest diamond bracelets come from the Samra Jewellery. Samara offers four different brands, namely the Aria, Splendore, Samra and Paula. All of these look slightly different with different styles.

Pearl bracelets
You can get the best pearl bracelets at Damas that sells about twenty different brands, both national and international, and at Joyalukkas, which make their pearl jewellery out of Masaaki Pearls.

Golden bracelets
Gold, both the yellow and white types is sold everywhere. The Karat is normally 18K. Taiba Jewellery is famous for its fine quality gold. However, if you go through the Gold Souk, you can see dozens of shops selling beautiful golden bracelets.

Silver bracelets
Both men and women use silver bracelets. Men can only wear silver if they keep the Muslim faith. All sorts of silver bracelets are also sold at the Gold Souk or you can look up at these stores, namely the Tanyaz, Samer, and Loupe Jewelleries. Look for the traditional old style big silver bracelets.

Wedding bracelets
The Samra and Joyalukkas are the strongest brands when it comes to weddings. The wedding bracelets are usually sold in sets, together with a necklace and a pair of earrings.

Bracelets with gemstones
The jewellery made out of precious gemstones is the speciality of Damas and Farah Jewellery. You can find beautiful jewellery made out of Topaz, Opal, Turquoise or Amethyst, the variety is very big.

You can also look around in the stores selling international jewellery, such as the Tiffany, the Saks Fifth Avenue and the Bloomingdale’s. It is for sure you will find your future favourite bracelets over here. You can also buy the bracelets of the above-mentioned stores online.