Dubai Jewellery Shops
Dubai ranks as the Middle East’s first gold manufacturer and it is taking several steps in order to be the Nr.1 jewellery manufacturer and dealer in the whole world. Dubai has an extremely large demand for high quality fine jewellery and as of this year, Dubai got 55% of the total global sale revenue won out of jewellery selling.

There are many high-class brands in Dubai when it comes to jewellery. Most of them are local or close to being so, others are some of the biggest jewellery manufacturers from the world. Let us now see and get to know some of them a little bit in depth.

Dubai is a great place for jewellery trading, as the price of high quality jewellery here is considerably lower than anywhere else in the world is. Dubai makes a great advantage out of this characteristic and makes is a great pulling force in tourism as well. The Gold souk or marketplace in Dubai creates extreme incomes day by day. This is a web of streets located in Deira, Dubai, containing the largest number of jewellery stores in one place. These are not just bazaars; the biggest jewellery sellers also have their bases over here, while offering their goods in the top shopping malls of Dubai as well. Let us see now some of the best quality sellers and most popular jewellery shops in Dubai:

Damas Jewellery
Damas Jewellery has its origins back in Syria, from where its founder is originated. Today, the Damas is the best brand in Dubai and quickly gains popularity all over the world. Damas sells at least 30 different brands, local and international brands as well, offering by far the widest choice of jewelleries and watches. Damas Jewellery has decided to open three types of stores, based on the value its customers are willing to spend on Jewellery. The Damas Exclusives are the stores, which represent all Damas Jewellery and watches in the highest quality and of course for the highest price as well. The other two types of stores contain the Damas Semi-Exclusives and the Damas 22 K stores. By seeing all the offers of Damas, we will not wonder why it belongs in the international league of dealing with first class jewellery. It is surely one of the most popular jewellery shops in the city.

Joyalukkas Jewellery
Joyalukkas Jewellery is an Indian company, which by today is one of Dubai's own highest appreciated jewellers. Joyalukkas has been the retailer of the year many times and it is among the very few brands that have been awarded personally by the Sheikh of Dubai with the Dubai Quality Awards Certifications. Joyalukkas is more than present in the Indian business world as well such as being among those, which are involved in the many charity programs in order to help the poor in India. Joyalukkas has recently opened the world’s biggest showroom and the very first Diamond Cave in the world in India. The collections of Joyalukkas are simply great and each one has unique, often colourful designs.

Samra Jewellery
Samra Jewellery is one of the largest retailers of diamonds and it is specialized in making the best diamond jewellery in Dubai. Its wedding collections are notable. Samra operates with four brands: the Paula, the Aria, the Splendore and the Samra brand collections.

Taiba Jewellery
Taiba Jewellery makes high quality gold jewellery and it is very famous for owning the world’s largest ring, which of course also registered in the Guinness Book of World Records. Originally, Taiba is a Saudi Arabian Jewellery brand, but by today, it is considered as Dubai’s own.

This was only a little presentation of the very best brands and the most popular jewellery shops in Dubai. We could not mention all the international best brands, such as Tiffany and Co and all the designer brands that also opened their jewelleries in Dubai. However, when in Dubai, do as Dubai people do, and visit the locals rather. You will surely be and stay amazed by the sheer beauty of the collections of these most popular jewellery shops and brands of Dubai.