Dubai Jewellery - Pendants
Either pendants are used as brooches, or they are used to hang on a necklace as the decoration. Pendants are very popular among women. You can use a broche pendant not only as a decoration for your dress but also they give a helping hand in fixing scarves or either fix or decorate hijabs which are the traditional headwear of the Muslim women.

Broche pendants are sold either separately or as part of a set. Usually, the bigger sets or marriage sets contain pendants. Sometimes, you can choose if you would like your set with a pendant or a bracelet or earrings. Pendants give great chance for the manufacturers to decorate them. A pendant decorated with gemstones gives a royal and a first class look to their wearers. Pendants that are used to hang them on necklaces can naturally be sold also separately.

You can find pendants as most of Dubai jewellery shops at the Gold Souk in Deira. It is close to the downtown and every bigger and smaller brand has shops over here. Naturally, women only use pendants. Let us now see what the choices are for us if we want to buy a pendant.

Diamond pendants
The best choice of hanging diamond pendants is at the stores of Damas Jewellery that sells over 20 sub-brands by local and international manufacturers in its stores. In addition, Samra Jewellery, which is a diamond specialist, sells lots of hanging pendants decorated with beautiful diamonds.

Pearl pendants
You can find some beautiful pendants at Joyalukkas Jewellery. They seem to have the widest choice this time. Of course, this does not mean that you will not see beautiful pearl pendants at the Gold Souk or at any international jewellery stores in Dubai.

Golden pendants
There are all sorts of pendants made out of gold. Nowadays, the pendants made out of white gold are as famous as of yellow gold. Taiba Jewellery is one of the gold experts in Dubai, so look up one of their shops during your shopping tour in Dubai.

Silver pendants
Silver pendants are also beautiful though far from being as famous as golden ware for tourists, mainly the locals buy them. Tanyaz jewellery for example sells beautiful traditional Arabic style of pendants, which are usually big and beautiful. What is good in these sorts of Arabic style silver pendants is that, they can also be worn on leather string, while gold looks only good worn with golden necklace.

Wedding pendants
Samra and Joyalukkas Jewelleries are the biggest experts in colourful wedding jewellery; so in case you are up to buying a wedding set, visit one of their stores to look around. Joyalukkas was the very first jewellery brand, which implemented the specific wedding jewellery in its shops in Dubai. Today, it is becoming more popular.

Pendants with gemstones
Precious coloured gemstones can look brilliant in pendants, let them be brooches or hanging on necklaces. Look around in the stores of Damas, Joyalukkas and Farah Jewellery; these are the coloured gemstone experts.

You will see high variety of all sorts of pendants in Dubai. Dubai is the worlds top jewellery seller already and it is even looking for expanding its business possibilities in jewellery trading.