Dubai International Jewellery Week
Dubai International Jewellery Week is a yearly event found in order to enhance the will of Dubai to be present as one of the main dealers and promoters on the global jewellery and gemstone market, especially diamond trading. The Dubai International Jewellery Week will be held in 2011 from 10 to 13 November.

Dubai’s role in jewellery trading had been significant for a while, specifically its gold trading, in which Dubai is among the number 1 top dealers and wholesalers in the world. Though Dubai does not like only to sell, it rather likes long haul business opportunities, in which it can take part. Dubai’s interest in getting the biggest part of the world’s diamond market is rising. The Dubai diamond trading statistics is growing decently year after year. This can be also partly thanked to all the fruitful agreements made during a Dubai International Jewellery Week and to the establishment of the DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre) which is today the responsible authority regarding all diamond trading in Dubai.

Dubai International Jewellery Week is planned to be the platform where international jewellery traders, retailers and wholesale traders can meet up with hundreds of manufacturers as jewellery makers, jewellery shops and brands in order to make some highly valuable relations, meetings, networking in the hope of creating some great business with each other present or in the future. These platforms and fairs are all so useful, because it gives chance for all these people with the same interest to meet up with that high number of potential partners, which would not be possible anywhere else in the world. Dubai is the host and main investor of this event, given the fact that it has the largest number of local brands some of which already with highly valuable international agreements on retail sales.

The Dubai International Jewellery Week is held yearly in the International Convention and Exhibition Centre of the World Trade Centre of Dubai. It is a extra large business complex solely made on purpose of such huge exhibitions, congresses, meetings giving the participants all the best chance to stay, to have meetings and also being in the city. They have various opportunities to eat out or to make a short sightseeing. The Dubai World Trade Centre is directly connected with the Jumeirah Emirates Towers hotel, making in the best possible top hotel in the area where participants can stay.

The Dubai International Jewellery week accepts hundreds of participants for this event. The participants come from various countries, all representing brands of jewellery retails or they are manufacturers. With the presence of the huge Dubai Gold and Diamond Park, they have the great chance to supervise the place and express their interest in leasing a tax-free manufacturing or business spot for themselves in its area.

Even if you are not trading with jewelleries, it can be a great experience for you to visit the Dubai International Jewellery Week. You will not see such a great exhibition of the nicest jewellery, or see some of the manufacturers making jewellery or examining beautiful gemstones during the Dubai International Jewellery Week. It is really worth visiting for a day even for tourists, so if you happen to be in Dubai in the middle of November, do not forget about the Dubai International Jewellery Week.