Handmade Jewellery Dubai
Dubai is world famous for its fine jewellery made out of gold, white gold and silver mainly. Most of the higher jewellery brands are very proud of their products. Handmade jewellery is all-exclusive and it is unique. If you feel you would like to have a jewel no one has ever had and will ever have, then go for the handmade jewellery while you are in Dubai.

Dubai has many quality jewelleries; in fact, the whole downtown is full of them including the shopping streets, the shopping centres and all the five Star hotels, which have bigger place for shops. Handmade jewellery is in tradition here for a long time and still many manufacturers earn their living out of making quality jewellery and decorations. If you go through a souk or traditional Arabic marketplace, you will still see many shops where manufacturers designing different copper decorations, mostly plates. The art of fine metal manufacturing is ancient in the Arabic world and it is one of the best methods of making some income as well.

Jewellery has always played a key-role ever since human existence. From the moment we found copper, silver and such metals, people had started to decorate themselves with them in order to look more attractive to the opposite sex or in order to make jewellery represent their special role to people such as priests, kings and rich people did back in the old days. Today’s jewellery looks different, much more delicate than the jewels used in the old times. Today a little luxury watch can cost up to such a sum, which a normal worker would not be able to make within a year either.

In Dubai, you will see such a level of delicacy when it comes to creating jewellery that it will surely leave you amazed. Of course, here, you can find all the quality international jewellery shops as well, but in real, in Dubai, local jewelleries are more worth buying. The manufacturing of gold and silver is quite easy by hands, but for the gemstones, some mechanical help is necessary in order to make them look their best within the jewels. By far, every big brand has their exclusive handmade jewellery collections; of course, they are also the priciest pieces. However, you must pay quality and all the sweat and time spent with the production of the jewelleries.

The best-known places to buy handmade jewellery in Dubai are the Taiba Jewellery, the Tanyaz jewellery, which is also very famous for its great silver collections. You can also find handmade jewellery in Dubai at a special moving market called ARTE market. You can see their moving schedule on their website. There is handmade jewellery sold over here, usually for a small price. In the Global Village of Dubai, you can also find great handmade jewelleries.

So, do not forget to check out the handmade jewelleries in Dubai being such a colourful city, you do not only find the luxury but also the best, most individual handmade jewellery for a great price too over here.