Dubai Jewellery - Necklaces
If you are looking for the most beautiful jewellery necklaces, then Dubai is the place to go. Being already a top destination for those looking for buying different sorts of jewellery and jewellery sets for special occasions, Dubai will not let you down. Necklaces are generally sold over here in sets. Set means necklaces sold together with passing earrings or, if you are looking for bigger sets, then even with passing bracelets and rings, the variety is so huge that you will see that choosing will be a hard task. If you are up to buy only a necklace, even then you can do freely as the choices are so wide.

Dubai has always been famous and popular for its fine jewellery. The Dubai gold is mentioned everywhere in the world and so are the diamond and coloured gem jewelleries. Dubai in the past few years is pushing its jewellery industry to become the Nr. 1 in the world. With the great promotions and events, such as the yearly Dubai Jewellery Week, Dubai really wants to be the first in selling all sorts of jewellery in the world. Here you can see which Dubai jewellery brands are specialized in which sort of necklaces:

Diamond necklaces
If you have the budget to buy premium quality gold jewellery, you can do it the best at Samra Jewellery. Samra also sells its jewellery online, in case you would not be able to travel there right away. Samra Jewellery is the main specialist in pure diamond jewellery. All sorts of necklaces and sets are sold by the four brands belonging to Samra: the Aria, Paula, Splendore and Samra.

Pearl necklaces
Pearl is by far the best to buy at Damas Jewellery or at the Joyalukkas Jewellery. Both brands use the best quality pearls for manufacturing with a wonderful outcome. Here, you will find such a colourful palette of necklaces and sets.

Golden necklaces
Gold is the premium metal out of which jewellery is made. Although nowadays, the white gold is becoming more and more fashionable, a great golden necklace made out of yellow or mixed yellow-white gold is simply breathtaking. White gold though goes best with diamond or Opal and Topaz jewellery. You can visit the shops of Samra, Damas and Taiba Jewellery all the same, not mentioning the whole Gold Souk with a breathtakingly wide choice.

Silver necklaces
Silver is especially nice when we are talking about male necklaces. Silver necklaces are usually sold pure, not containing jewels at all, in order to enhance the beautiful shine of silver. By the way, did you know that silver has the strongest shine among all the metals used for producing jewellery? You can get the best silver necklaces at Tanyaz and Samer Jewelleries.

Wedding necklaces
The Samra and Joyalukkas Jewellery brands have the greatest choice in special wedding sets. Please note that wedding jewellery is always sold in sets. Of course, you can get a single necklace too out of any non-wedding collections as well.

Necklaces with gemstones
If you are looking for colours then choose one of the stores of Joyalukkas or Damas, selling great colourful necklaces and all the other sorts of jewelleries. Check out also the shop of Farah Jewellery, in order to find your beloved necklace.

You will see it is not easy to choose out of such a wide offer, so choose your necklaces carefully. If you buy a set, it is all the better. Nothing is nicer than necklaces with passing earrings or a bracelet.