Taiba Bangles & Jewellery - Dubai
Taiba bangles are one of the gold jewellery products by Taiba in UAE. They offer many other jewellery items along with bangles. Bangles are considered as one of the most beautiful jewellery product so every woman wants it to be unique and pure. Taiba bangles are made of 21k and 18k gold. 21k is more pure as compared to 18k gold, but in Dubai most of people want it pure as compared to other jewellery items.

There are 4 categories for Taiba bangles: 21k narrow bangles, 21k wide bangles, 18k style bangles, 18k plain bangles, and 21k baby bangles.

Taiba bangles can be delivered through their online shop. They have put bangles designs on their website along with its weight and other details. So if person out of Dubai want to buy Taiba bangles they can place an order online. All the prices are charged in dollars so person from all the countries can buy easily. They take 10 to 12 days for delivery or person can pick the ordered jewellery from their Dubai store after few days. Taiba stores also provide the facility of delivery through Fed-ex and if customer doesn’t find the product according to his choice he can return it. This feature attracts customers and they feel valued.

For placing an online order he has to create an account on Taiba stores website and then from that account he can place order. This is very useful for the people who live outside Dubai and want to wear unique gold jewellery.

There are many other jewellery stores which offer bangles in Dubai, but Taiba has earned a very good name in market due to its excellent quality and unique design. They offer the facility self customization of bangles. People give their own designs to the Taiba stores and they get their designed bangles in few days.

Gold used in Taiba bangles is pure and color of gold is guaranteed that has build trust on Taiba jewellers. People who go to Dubai for shopping always buy gold jewellery as it is famous for its designs. Taiba bangles are available in white gold and yellow gold. People prefer to buy white gold these days as it is in trend and light weight. Customer can choose size of their Taiba bangles from chart given on their site.

Taiba bangles can be purchased on discounted price if you are member of Taiba Group. Special discounts can be requested. Gold prices are changed with change in international price. While doing online gold jewellery purchase customer has choice to pay through online bank transfer, they have stopped credit card transactions due to high number of frauds in Dubai happened in past.

Prices of gold jewellery are determined by daily price change in international market. If a person place an order on specific date rate of that day will be used even if he get delivery after few days.