Taiba Gold Jewellery in Dubai
Taiba is known as one of the best jewellery seller in Dubai. There is strong competition among jewellery shops in Dubai as there is huge variety and large number of jewellers selling their collections, and in this strong competition Taiba is doing excellent by providing unique designs and quality services.

Taiba is operating in Dubai since 1989 with the vision of playing significant role in the jewellery market. To make this vision reality Taiba set its mission to cope customers need by providing most recent and top quality designs. They always upgrade their factory with the latest equipment and talented designers. This had resulted in their big name in the Dubai gold market.

Dubai is known as the center of gold and people love buying gold and diamonds there. By meeting this demand, Taiba is preferred by most of customers. Jewellery items by Taiba includes necklaces, rings, bracelets, anklets, bangles, bridal sets, pendants, chains, gold hair pins, light weight sets and kids jewellery.

Taiba provides the facility of self drawing and by using it, customer can design jewellery by their own, and order it. This really attracts customers and they feel valued as they can participate in jewellery designing. Taiba providing gold of 18k and 21k gold jewellery.

Gold jewellery shopping is available online at Taiba store. Customer living out of Dubai and who cannot reach their stores can place order online and pay through bank transfer. Delivery of jewellery takes 10-12 days and it can be returned if customer finds any fault and change from the design they have ordered.

Taiba's gold jewellery collections use precious stones, which makes it unique and magnificent. Their wedding and engagement rings are highly appreciated in Dubai. Women of Dubai love jewellery and it is considered as status symbol so they want to wear different and stylish jewellery.

Taiba's gold jewellery collection can be found on the website with pricing and other details along with design. Prices vary according to change in price of the international gold market. Taiba offers discount for their regular customers and special discounts can be requested too. Vouchers are also given to their valued customer. These offers and marketing strategies makes them popular in Dubai and other Middle East countries.