Taiba Pendants & Jewellery - Dubai
Taiba jewellers are one of the most famous gold jewellery dealers in Dubai. They have been manufacturing and selling different gold pieces since 1989 and have became a trusted brand name. Taiba jewellers and their unique designs are not just famous in Dubai, they are also bought and preferred in other parts of the world like Europe and India. Though, Taiba have their presence in different region of the Middle-East, but international customers can view and buy their gold jewellery through their official website.

Just like real gold store, Taiba jewellers offer wide range of variety on their website that can be easily viewed and bought. The online transactions on this site are secured and offer complete guarantee of the delivery of gold item. Taiba jewellers offer many varieties of gold pieces, their most famous gold pieces are rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, chains and bangles.

All this gold variety has been divided in two categories, the 21k and 18k. The 21k gold items are manufactured from 89 % gold, whereas, the 18k gold variety is manufactured from 70% of gold.

Among various types of gold items manufactured by Taiba, the most popular one are the Taiba pendants. Taiba pendants are preferred by women of Dubai because they offer unique design and fine quality. Moreover, the carvings on some variety of Taiba pendants represent the rich culture of Middle East. Like other gold variety Taiba pendants are also divided into 21k gold and 18 k gold pendants.

• 18k gold Taiba pendants are made up of 70% gold and remaining 30% is other alloys. This range of gold pendants was introduced for people who can’t afford pure gold items and also for western customers who prefer delicate design in less gold. The 18k gold pendants are further divided into elegant pendants and heart shape pendants. The elegant Taiba pendants are mostly bought by the western customers because they have delicate designs that mostly include geometric patterns. Heart shaped pendants also have their market among the western customers. Another range that has been introduced by the company for Dubai customer is the Islamic Taiba pendants. The Islamic pendants have either Allah name design or have Kaaba shape. This range of 18k gold pendants are not just famous in Dubai, but is also bought in other Islamic countries.

• 21k gold Taiba pendants are mostly offered with complete set that include earrings and ring. These sets are a bit expensive because they are complimented with other jewellery pieces. The designs of 21k gold pendants is more inspired from the culture of the middles east, as they have a lot of carving and detailing done them. Natives of Dubai usually prefer to buy 21k gold pendants because in their culture purer gold jewellery is preferred on other forms of gold.